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Safety note

SubjectParaglider PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 20 DHV GS-01-2617-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 21 DHV GS-01-2618-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 22 DHV GS-01-2619-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 24 DHV GS-01-2620-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 17 DHV GS-01-2630-21, PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 19 DHV GS-01-2631-21, PHI MAESTRO 2 19 DHV GS-01-2701-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 21 DHV GS-01-2702-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 22 DHV GS-01-2703-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 23 DHV GS-01-2704-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 25 DHV GS-01-2705-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 17 light DHV GS-01-2735-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 18 light DHV GS-01-2736-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 19 light DHV GS-01-2737-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 22 light DHV GS-01-2738-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 23 light DHV GS-01-2739-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 25 light DHV GS-01-2740-22, PHI MAESTRO 2 21 light DHV GS-01-2741-22
PHI Paragliders has issued a safety notice concerning PHI paragliders with the R07 risers. On these risers, the B-plane is suspended from the riser with an 800 daN Technora line. On a PHI ALLEGRO X-Alps 20, year of manufacture 3/2021, the B-line suspension on the riser broke during flight. The pilot was able to make an emergency landing and remained uninjured.

PHI orders an inspection of the risers by the owner and offers to replace damaged components. This measure must be carried out before the next flight.

safety notice PHI paragliders with the R07 risers